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The new take on tarts

When Chef Jiho Kim first introduced the Yubutart in one of his pop-up stores, it took New York by storm. The small bite of rice, tofu, and unique flavor combinations captured the hearts and stomachs of New Yorkers near-instantaneously. After experiencing such viral success, Chef Kim brought the Yubutart to DDOBAR where it was highlighted as the star of the menu.


What is Yubutart?

Our Yubutarts                       draw inspiration from traditional Korean yubuchobap [유부초밥] :

yubu meaning “Fried tofu” and chobap meaning “Vinegared rice” ;                      together, yubuchobap is vinegared rice stuffed into fried tofu pockets.

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Although some might argue that yubuchobap is already the perfect bite, our vision is to take something beautiful and make it even better. With his fine dining pastry experience in one hand and his limitless creativity in the other, Chef Kim conceived of the Yubutart: the way that tart pastries act as vessels for a variety of stunning flavor combinations, Chef Kim uses yubu to hold and deliver pockets of delectable and divine tastes. 


With our staple Studio Chef Menu, experience thirteen carefully cultivated courses packed to the brim with succulent flavor: perfect for a date night, a gathering with friends, or even a catered event. Or, alternatively, order individual Yubutarts off of our menu to experience them on their own. 

Who are we?

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Master Chef Jiho Kim brings years of experience in the industry to his work at DDOBAR, most recently finding immense success with Michelin starred Joomak Banjum. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to cultivate a unique culinary vision, Chef Kim’s approach to food is people - and community - centered. Through DDOBAR, he hopes to bring the refined flavors of his thoughtful creations to whomever may desire to try. Above all, Chef Kim and the team at DDOBAR want good food for good people. What’s made with joy will be received with joy.

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