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Staying True to Our Roots

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The Server-Free Philosophy

From Kitchen to Table:

At DDOBAR, we don’t have waiters. Instead, our chefs and kitchen servers bring your food directly from the kitchen to your table. Although the pace of service might be slightly different than what you’re used to, we believe in centering our chefs in every part of the dining experience. Our approach aims to cultivate a more intimate relationship between chef and customer while also celebrating those who are responsible for your culinary experience.

The Freshness Philosophy  

Attention to Detail:

In accordance with his extensive experience in fine dining, Chef Jiho Kim refuses to use anything other than the freshest ingredients. While creating such a delicate balance of flavors and textures, the team at DDOBAR is dedicated to every detail. That’s why every bite at DDOBAR blooms with wave after wave of crisp, distinct flavor that can only come from the freshest high quality ingredients.


The Fidelity Philosophy

Staying True to Our Roots:

We aim to cultivate and preserve a refined yet accessible culinary experience. Our Chef Studio Menu, which offers thirteen unique courses in a tasting experience, will always remain a staple of the restaurant. We are committed to making our food readily available for all to try and, of course, to come back to. 

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The Felicity Philosophy

Joy in Food, Joy from Food:

Chef Kim believes that food made with joy will inherently bring joy to those who eat it. He aims to cultivate an environment in his kitchen that promotes peace and happiness, despite how tense restaurant kitchens often are. He and his team hope that the joy they bring to their craft will be imparted in every bite.

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